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Cougars – why Men are Attracted!

cougar 05

cougar 02Why it the older women and younger man combination so successful? 

The relationship between men and women in the past were always that the man was older and the women younger. Sometimes the women were half the age of the man, and it was still accepted. This was a socially accepted norm.

Normally a man would look at the younger woman and always associate her appearance with sex. But this never happened in reverse. However as society develops, many older women are now looking at younger men to build up relationships. Whether it is a physical relationship or emotional relationship, the women are now looking. In today’s world women over forty are sometimes looked at as “over the hill” . Even if a woman is in a relationship with a man her age it was still considered as her being ” over the hill” even though men that married women their age were happier.cougar 05

However, now there are changes in society. Younger men are now looking and attracted to older women. Some reasons for this are, not only are the older women sexier they have experience and qualities that will take a younger women years to acquire.

In fact, nowadays mature women are not only a threat to younger women. Now younger men have started to notice older mature women and also act on it. In the past young men lusted over older women but never acted on it. These days young men are not shy but more prone to engage mature women. This has become a real challenge to the mother-daughter dynamic which has not been an easy one for ages.

Some Young girls say that they want to keep their mom away from their friends and boyfriends. They say this because the friends say their mom is pretty and cool, and the old boyfriend thought her mom was sexy and even joked about getting it on with her mom. These girls don’t want to introduce their mothers to their friends due to fear that the mom will get more attention than they will.

Well, this is a revelation and for those Mature women who felt ignored in the past you have nothing to fear. There are many young handsome men who would treat you and make you feel the way you want to feel.